UPS Requirements for Ambient Temperature

For the power supply, the working environment should be the same as that of the computer. The temperature should be controlled above 5°C and below 22°C; the relative humidity should be controlled below 50%, and the upper and lower ranges should not exceed 10%. Of course, as important as these factors is to keep the UPS working room clean, free of dust, pollution, and harmful gases, because these factors also affect the service life of the UPS and cause failures.

If it must be used outdoors, users must purchase power supply products specially designed for outdoor use, because the special outdoor UPS can withstand high temperature, as well as dust-proof, moisture-resistant and other advantages. Uninterruptible power supply is an important power supply equipment. During the process of use, maintenance is a very important task, which can prevent machine failures well.

The influence of the external environment on the UPS is very large, so we must do a good job of temperature control. Because UPS works in a suitable environment, it can not only make the machine work stably, but also better prolong the life of the machine, so it is very important for the power supply to do daily maintenance.


The working environment of the host and battery should avoid direct sunlight and other radiant heat sources. The working environment should be kept clean, cool, dry and ventilated to avoid harmful dust. In order to protect the safety of the UPS equipment and ensure the personal safety of the staff, the UPS cabinet must be grounded safely and reliably.

The host does not have too high requirements on the ambient temperature and can work in the range of 0-30, but the UPS battery has higher requirements for the ambient temperature, and the standard ambient temperature required is 25, preferably not beyond the range of 15-30. The usable capacity and service life of the battery are closely related to the ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature is too low, the capacity of the battery will decrease. For every 1 decrease in the ambient temperature, its capacity will decrease by about 1%. If the battery is used in a high temperature environment for a long time, the service life of the battery will be reduced by about half for every 10% increase in the ambient temperature.

Post time: Jul-28-2022