• Photovoltaic inverter

    Photovoltaic inverter

    Photovoltaic inverter (PV inverter or solar inverter) can convert the variable DC voltage generated by photovoltaic (PV) solar panels into an inverter with alternating current (AC) frequency of mains frequency, which can be fed back to the commercial power transmission system, or supplied to the ...
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  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Equipment

    Uninterruptible Power Supply Equipment

    UPS uninterruptible power supply equipment refers to the power supply equipment that will not be interrupted by short-term power outages, can always supply high-quality power, and effectively protect precision instruments. Full name Uninterruptable Power System. It also has the function of stabil...
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  • Solar cells

    Solar cells

    Solar cells are divided into crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon, among which crystalline silicon cells can be further divided into monocrystalline cells and polycrystalline cells; the efficiency of monocrystalline silicon is different from that of crystalline silicon. Classification: The c...
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  • Mining machines

    Mining machines

    Mining machines are computers used to earn bitcoins. Such computers generally have professional mining crystals, and most of them work by burning graphics cards, which consumes a lot of power. Users download software with a personal computer and then run a specific algorithm. After communicating ...
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  • Intelligent Power Distribution Uint

    Intelligent Power Distribution Uint

    The intelligent power distribution unit is an intelligent power distribution system used to monitor the power consumption of equipment and the parameters of its environment. Intelligent Power Distribution Uint Namely: intelligent power distribution system (including equipment hardware and managem...
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  • Server room air conditioner

    Server room air conditioner

    The computer room precision air conditioner is a special air conditioner designed for the computer room of modern electronic equipment. Its working accuracy and reliability are much higher than ordinary air conditioners. We all know that computer equipment and program-controlled switch products a...
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  • Circuit-breaker

    A circuit breaker refers to a switching device that can close, carry and break current under normal circuit conditions and can close, carry and break current under abnormal circuit conditions within a specified time. Circuit breakers are divided into high-voltage circuit breakers and low-voltage ...
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  • Surge protection Device

    Surge protection Device

    Surge protector, also known as lightning arrester, is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic equipment, instrumentation, and communication lines. When a surge current or voltage is suddenly generated in an electrical circuit or communication line due to extern...
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