1. Computer Room Foundation Design and Construction Solution

We make expanding core data center and critical facility capacity easy by using modular integration techniques to effectively design and build data centers anywhere in the world. We also tailor the solution for your application, pre-engineering, pre-configuring, pre-testing, and pre-validating against your specific needs and expectations. 


2. Critical Power Solutions for Industrial Environments Solution


We can provide enterprises with end-to-end green power solutions, including power quality management, reactive power optimization, AC and DC power supply, and improve the quality of people's lives and the environment by providing power with more reliable, efficient, and safer.

3. Solar System Solution


We are committed to providing clean and renewable energy solutions for factories, homes and public utilities around the world, making green energy within reach, making solar power a cheap clean energy, and striving to make solar power affordable for the people.


4. Battery System Solution


Regarding energy storage battery, we have a full range of energy storage solutions to provide solid green energy protection, and provide effective backup power protection for global communications, power, railways, ships, radio and television, UPS, DC power supplies, etc.

Regarding solar battery, we rely on advanced energy storage technology and adopt standardized energy storage modules composed of deep-cycle lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries to efficiently ensure power supply.

Regarding power battery, we can innovate green power batteries in a full life cycle management model, and provide green power battery system solutions for transportation, sightseeing and leisure, logistics and express delivery, sanitation and cleaning, storage and transportation, etc.