Modular UPS

The system structure of the modular UPS power supply is extremely flexible. The design concept of the power module is that the power module can be removed and installed at will during the operation of the system without affecting the operation and output of the system. The development achieves “dynamic growth”, which not only satisfies the on-demand expansion of equipment in the later stage, but also reduces the initial purchase cost.

Users often underestimate or overestimate UPS capacity when estimating UPS capacity. Modular UPS power supply can effectively solve the above problems and help users to build and invest in stages when the future development direction is not yet clear. When the user’s load needs to be increased, it is only necessary to increase the power modules in stages according to the plan.


Application areas:

Data processing centers, computer rooms, ISP service providers, telecommunications, finance, securities, transportation, taxation, medical systems, etc.


● Can be single-phase or three-phase, on-line battery system

● Can be set to 1/1, 1/3, 3/1 or 3/3 system

● It is a modular structure, consisting of 1 to 10 modules

● Provide clean power: 60KVA system – within 60KVA; 100KVA system – within 100KVA; 150KVA system – within 150KVA; 200KVA system – within 200KVA; 240KVA system – within 240KVA

● It is a redundant and upgradable system, which can be upgraded according to your needs

● Adopt N+X redundancy technology, reliable performance

● Shared battery pack

● Input/output current balance distribution

● Green power, input THDI≤5%

● Input power factor PF≥0.99

● Operates in Continuous Current Mode (CCM) to reduce grid interference (RFI/EMI)

● Small size and light weight

● Easy maintenance – module level

● System controller for communication and diagnostics

● Adopt centralized static switch module

● Unique system performance analyzer

Modular UPS Best Performance Features

Has a variety of working modes

Small size, high power density

Environmentally friendly

Energy efficient

Redundant, decentralized parallel logic control.

Post time: Sep-16-2022