Introduction to the main functions and functions of UPS power supply

UPS power supply can solve the problems of power grid such as power failure, lightning strike, surge, frequency oscillation, voltage sudden change, voltage fluctuation, frequency drift, voltage drop, pulse interference, etc., and sophisticated network equipment does not allow power to be interrupted. Therefore, it is self-evident that a network center with servers, large switches, and routers as the core should be equipped with UPS. Next, the editor of Banatton ups power supply manufacturer will introduce to you the main functions and functions of UPS power supply.

The role of UPS power supply

1. The voltage stabilization function of the system

The voltage stabilization function of the system is completed by the rectifier. The rectifier device adopts thyristor or high-frequency switch rectifier, which has the function of controlling the output amplitude according to the change of the mains, so that when the external power changes (the change should meet the system requirements) ), the output amplitude is basically unchanged rectified voltage.

2. Purification function

The purification function is completed by the energy storage battery. Because the rectifier cannot eliminate the instantaneous pulse interference, there is still pulse interference in the rectified voltage. In addition to the function of storing DC power, the energy storage battery is like a large-capacity capacitor connected to the rectifier. The equivalent capacitance is proportional to the capacity of the energy storage battery. Since the voltage at both ends of the capacitor cannot be changed abruptly, the smoothing characteristic of the capacitor to the pulse is used to eliminate the pulse interference, and it has a purifying function, which is also called a shielding of interference.

3. Frequency stability

The stability of the frequency is completed by the converter, and the frequency stability depends on the stability of the oscillation frequency of the converter.

4. Switch control function

The system is equipped with work switch, host self-check, automatic bypass switch after failure, maintenance bypass switch and other switch controls.


UPS power supply is very useful, it is used to ensure the power of equipment. The following is an introduction:

1. Basically all places need to use UPS power supply, common places: transportation, computer room, airport, subway, building management, hospital, bank, power plant, office and other occasions.

2. Guarantee the uninterrupted power supply demand required in these occasions. When the mains power is interrupted in these occasions, the UPS power supply will supply power immediately to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the electrical equipment in these occasions.

3. The home can also use UPS power supply. Of course, homes or offices in big cities can also use UPS power supply, because the electrical equipment of urban households is usually precision equipment such as computers or servers. Sudden power failure can also cause great damage to the equipment. So you can also use UPS power supply to protect.


Post time: Nov-29-2021