Intelligent Power Distribution Uint

That is: intelligent power distribution system (including equipment hardware and management platform), also known as network power control system, remote power management system or RPDU.

It can remotely and intelligently control the on/off/restart of the electrical equipment of the equipment, and monitor the power consumption of the equipment and its environmental parameters at the same time, which can help users manage their electrical equipment unattended.

As an industrial-grade intelligent power distribution control unit specially designed for IDC, ISP, data centers or equipment control centers of enterprises and institutions and their remote base points, it integrates power distribution, overload protection, isolation, grounding, monitoring and management in one, It can significantly improve the security of the power supply system in the computer room. Compared with the traditional power distribution unit, Aoshi Hengan’s remote network power control system can provide a network management interface. It is no longer a single conduction and power control product, but a new generation of intelligent power distribution management system that can provide intelligent power management .

It can not only supply power to equipment, but also has powerful functions such as disconnection, connection, query, monitoring, filing, and intelligent management. It can easily help users realize remote on/off/restart operations, reduce maintenance workload, and increase network manageability , making up for the power management part that the network management software cannot involve.

working principle:

Through the remote network control technology, the status query, switching, restarting and other operations of the remote server are performed in an out-of-band management mode, which is not limited by specific devices or special programs, and does not need to open the device shell. It provides a separate password protection mechanism for each port, which can be divided into clear management levels. Users can break through time and geographical restrictions, perform simple operations on the web page, and only need to pass the user name authentication to realize the control of the power supply of the electrical equipment and the query of the storage environment status. Network power controllers are divided into single-port and multi-port devices, which can control a single device or a large number of devices, which brings great convenience to single installation and cluster installation, and realizes on-demand distribution. Unified management of a large number of devices can be easily realized on a centralized management platform.


Take the IDC computer room as an example:

The computer room monitors the equipment environment and power consumption parameters in real time through the network power supply control system, and can query and connect the power supply of the downlink port of the server only by connecting to the Internet or a local area network without the need for professional technicians to arrive at the equipment site. Disconnect or restart to realize remote operation and maintenance.

Through the centralized management platform, the operation and maintenance party and its customers can realize differentiated shared management, and monitor and control the devices within the authority online anytime and anywhere. The operation and maintenance party can also independently set tasks for automatic control, and comprehensively manage equipment management information and user usage, thereby realizing clustered large-scale real-time online management.

In this way, discovering and solving the downtime problems of servers and other electrical equipment of network operators and enterprise users in a timely manner will not only greatly improve the work efficiency and social reputation of IDC, ISP service providers and other operation and maintenance providers, but also can Create greater economic benefits for users.

Benefits and practicality:

Real-time monitoring of power supply information and ambient temperature and humidity is convenient for users to independently manage devices within their authority, and realizes linkage between air-conditioning temperature and humidity and space temperature and humidity.

Through the Internet, use a unified interface to manage all electrical equipment within the authority, and switch or restart the equipment remotely or locally.

Comprehensive management of device management information and user usage, log filing, and easy device deployment and network planning.

Time and task management can be set as needed to reduce unnecessary consumption of energy and resources.

Reduce the labor intensity of network administrators, improve their job satisfaction and work efficiency.

Based on an out-of-band management model and not tied to a specific device or program.

It is an enhancement and support for the existing management platform in the computer room.

Suitable for harsh environments and emergencies.

Unattended management can be realized.

Technical Services:

out-of-band remote power management,

Condition trigger task monitoring,

time-triggered task monitoring,

Set automatic cycle control,

Online monitoring of temperature and humidity,

Double execution and automatic alarm,

Realize remote custom control,

Device management and user management go hand in hand.

OEM/ODM service, customized/trial available.

Post time: Nov-22-2022